how to stop an elliptical from squeaking

How to Stop an Elliptical from Squeaking

There is no doubt that an elliptical is amongst the best choices when it comes to exercise machines. The elliptical is low-maintenance and certainly cheaper than other high-end machines. It is why people are opting for them in significant numbers. Many people have set up ellipticals in their homes. Do not worry about space as numerous manufacturers offer ellipticals for small places.

Although ellipticals are regarded as amongst the best exercise machines, specific issues can put off prospective buyers. One such issue is the elliptical squeaking noise. Although it is not unbearable, elliptical squeaking is indeed uncomfortable. But there’s no cause for alarm. Like other problems, you can also fix a squeaky elliptical machine.

Several reasons contribute to a squeaky cross trainer. But there’s no point in discussing them. Instead, we will get straight to the topic – how to fix a squeaky elliptical. We highly recommend that you give the article a full read. Many people pay their hard-earned money to fix the squeaky elliptical. Instead, one can quickly resolve the noise on their own. So, read the article and save money.

How to Fix a Squeaky Elliptical

There are several ways to fix a squeaky cross trainer. Let’s start:


Inspect the floor on which you are using the elliptical. At times, the squeaking noise is from an uneven base. You might be wondering what a floor has to do with the squeaking noise. Well, when you place an elliptical on an irregular or disorderly floor, it puts unnecessary stress on the machine’s various parts. Hence, it can cause a squeaking noise. So, before carrying out the next steps, make sure that the floor is not the problem.


Machines are prone to wear and tear due to which they start making weird noises. The elliptical is no exception to this rule. However, timely lubrication can fix the issue easily. What you need to do is unscrew the elliptical, including the handles and pedal arms. Once done, start applying an all-purpose grease. Make sure that the grease reaches the inside. While an all-purpose grease is certainly okay for the task, we recommend that you read the owner’s manual or contact the manufacturer. They can tell which lubricant is best for this purpose. Many manufacturers supply grease with the elliptical.

Tighten the Bolts

The second most common reason for elliptical squeaking is loose bolts. You might not have noticed it, but there are several bolts in the elliptical. Remove the bolts and lubricate them a little before tightening them again. Try using the elliptical again. 9 times out of 10, tightening the bolts will fix the problem.

General Maintenance

If the last two options don’t work, there is no cause for worry because a squeaking elliptical is not a big concern. Plus, it is nothing a little maintenance won’t fix. At times, individual components wear down and require maintenance. Similarly, dust and grime can also find their way into the machine. What you need to do is conduct a comprehensive inspection. Try to see which components require replacements and replace them right away. Lastly, clean the elliptical using a dry cloth (never use a wet cloth as it can rust and electrical problems). It will surely fix the squeaking noise. If not, it is time to contact the manufacturer/seller.

Wrap Up

Ellipticals are indeed a good investment. However, like all other machines, they can develop issues. Nevertheless, these issues are usually easy to fix as ellipticals are not as complicated as other machines. If your elliptical is making a squeaking noise, follow the above steps. If there are any other problems, do a quick Google search. We have no doubt that you will find a quick and effective fix in no time at all.

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