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12 Best Elliptical Under 1000

With the growing issue of obesity and other health diseases, it’s high time for you to start thinking about adopting a healthy lifestyle. Especially during this pandemic where health is everyone’s number one concern, investing in some exercise equipment won’t be a bad idea.

When it comes to exercise equipment, one of the best machines to buy is an elliptical trainer. If you don’t have the kind of time or money to join an expensive gym, it’s best if you just purchase an elliptical and leave the rest to it as would like to recommend best elliptical under 1000. An elliptical trainer can work wonders for you if you are willing to workout for at least 30 minutes on it. It’s a full-body workout machine that’s becoming more and more popular among fitness enthusiasts because of the wonderful benefits with which it comes.

Speaking of which, if you are here, it’s evident that you are planning to buy an elliptical that falls under the figure of 1000. We don’t blame you because buying the trainer can be overwhelming as there are hundreds of different options with different features and different price ranges. Especially if this is your first time buying an elliptical, things can get a little too exhausting. Don’t worry as today we are here to put all your concerns to rest.

How Does An Elliptical Trainer Help Your Body?

Before getting started with our list of the 12 best elliptical under 1000, let’s first talk about how this trainer can help your body. Also, why you should be putting your hard-earned money on it?

1- It boosts your stamina and cardio capacity

If you want to have a balanced exercise routine, you need to make aerobic exercises a part of it. These exercises are also referred to as “Cardio” which you get with an elliptical trainer. This machine can help strengthen your muscles, lungs and heart and most importantly, it can help you build some stamina and endurance.

2- Burn a lot of calories

At the end of the day, our primary workout goal is to burn the calories we’ve been consuming throughout the day and maintain our bodies. Well, again, if you want to burn calories really quick, you should get an elliptical machine. Because this exercise equipment is famous for helping people burn calories faster than any other thing. Depending on your body weight, you can burn around 400 calories on this machine in just 30 minutes.

3- Less stress and strain on your joints

This machine technically offers a low impact cardio workout, which means you won’t have to worry about any stress or strain on your joints. Usually, people get hurt, and they suffer from some joint pain after running on a treadmill or after a high impact cardio session. But as you don’t have to lift off your feet from the pedals when using an elliptical trainer, there’s no stress or strain to worry about.

4- Target specific leg muscles

When you are on an elliptical, you can easily change both the resistance and the foot pedals’ incline. This is probably the best thing about buying the trainer: it helps you target any of your specific leg muscles like hamstrings, quads, or glutes.

These are some ways that explain how an elliptical machine can help you with your body. The list doesn’t end here, and there are literally tons of other benefits of an elliptical machine. Still, by now, you probably got the whole idea. Now that you know why you should be getting an elliptical let’s talk about the best one’s available in the market.

best elliptical machine under $1000

12 Best Elliptical Under 1000


The Go Elliptical V-200T is one of the best and the most solid elliptical trainers of all time. It’s made up of premium quality steel that’s durable enough to meet your training requirements. When it comes to features and functionality, you clearly won’t be disappointed with this elliptical trainer. It offers 24 different magnetic resistance levels and a rotary knob with which you can easily change the functions according to what you prefer. Another appealing feature of this machine is that it offers a no-impact workout with its standard 17-inch stride. It also offers cushioned handlebars so that you can burn calories without any hassle.

There’s this 5.5 inch LCD display with a rotary encoder on the side. You can use that encoder to get necessary information like the distance, time, heart rate and speed, etc. Elliptical V-200T is totally worth your money because it even comes with oversized pedals so that the user can take control of the machine and stay balanced. In addition to this, there’s a USB charging port right below the display. You can use it to charge your smart devices while listening to your favorite songs or watching your favorite movies.


  • Smooth motion
  • Adjustable foot pedals
  • Cushioned handlebars


  • Using the LCD screen is a little complicated.

2- Body Champ 3 in 1 Trainer Exercise Machine

The Body Champ 3 in 1 trainer comes with 21 preset training programs to help you shred your fat quickly. With each program, you can challenge yourself and ensure that your workouts aren’t boring. It’s one versatile machine with a 3 in 1 design that works like a recumbent bike, an upright stationary bike, and an elliptical trainer. With it, you can work on your targeted muscles and strengthen your entire body in the best possible way. Moreover, you can totally customize your workout sessions. This machine comes with two extra stance options for your upper body. The seat is perfectly cushioned so that you can sit comfortably and it can even be adjusted to fit anyone’s size easily. Just like how an elliptical trainer should be, this one comes with an LCD display that has all the information on it, including your heart rate, the distance covered, and the calories burnt.

A transport wheel is attached to the machine to carry it around quickly, and it doesn’t even weigh much so shifting it from one room to another won’t be a big deal. If you are looking for the best elliptical under $1000 without compromising on any features and functionalities, then the Body Champ 3 in 1 trainer is exactly what you need right now. It’s the best option available in the market, and you sure will be impressed once you start using it.


  • Easy transitions
  • Multiple upper body stance options
  • Pulse meter is very accurate


  • The machine wobbles a bit sometimes

3- Cubi Pro Under-Desk Seated Elliptical Machine

This mini elliptical trainer is going to be the best thing you’ll buy this year, and it’s specifically for those who are always working on their desktops. Imagine making money on your computer and burning calories under the table, all at the same time? Isn’t it great that you get to earn 125 calories in one hour while completing your office work? Well, it definitely is, and if this idea excites you then without waiting any further, you should get your hands on the Cubi Pro under-desk trainer. It is suitable for both home and office use. The ultra-smooth gearing and 8 different magnetic resistance levels are two main reasons you should get this exercise machine right away. In addition to this, you get to save yourself a lot of money as it falls under $1000. With it’s Bluetooth connectivity option, you can easily sync it with your FitBit or Apple Health Kit.

Suppose you are the kind of person who doesn’t have time to work out or suffer from a physical disability. In that case, this machine is definitely worth a try. You can keep it under your desk as it doesn’t require much space and can work out on it without any hassle. Moreover, it offers an effortless, smooth and wobble-free operation which is another reason to try it and burn calories.


  • Low impact exercise
  • Smooth operation
  • Perfect for home and office use


  • None

4- Sunny Health & Fitness Magnetic Elliptical Trainer

Without a doubt, Sunny Health And Fitness exercise equipment are the best when it comes to durability, reliability, and functionality. This is why we thought to bring this outstanding SF-E3865 elliptical trainer by Sunny Health & Fitness to you. If you are on a tight budget and can’t go above 1000, then this is just the right trainer to put your money on. This machine comes with a 20-inch stride and a wide range of motions for you to enjoy your workout sessions without any hassle. On top of that, its flywheel weighs 44 pounds which means that you’ll enjoy a quiet and smooth operation. This machine comes with 24 magnetic resistance levels with a backlit LCD display where all your information like your heart rate, burnt calories, and distance is mentioned. What makes it more interesting is that there are 23 preset training programs where you can challenge yourself and work out daily on different intensities.

The foot pedals are large enough to fit any size, and there’s this circle rim on both the pedals so that your feet can stay firmly in place. In a nutshell, if you are looking for the best home elliptical under $1000, get your hands on the SF-E3865. This machine has all the features and functions you need without worrying about the cost.


  • 20-inch stride
  • Smooth glide
  • Sturdy premium quality steel


  • A little heavy

5- NordicTrack C 7.5 Elliptical

For intensive training at home, the NordicTrack C7.5 is the best elliptical under 1000 to get. It’s not just any trainer but an ergometer too that will help measure the work muscles. It’s more like a mix of an elliptical and cross trainer where you can workout on your entire body instead of just targeting your leg muscles. The LCD display displays all the basic essential information that you need to keep a check on while working out. What’s best is that this trainer comes with a 9kg flywheel, which means that it will offer a noise-free operation and you’ll have very smooth strides to boost your performance. Just like what you’d want, the NordicTrack C7.5 has 27 resistance programs to offer with which you can challenge yourself to more intense and effective workout sessions every day.

It’s the best elliptical trainer under $1000 to go for, especially if you buy one for multiple people to use at home. The stride is entirely adjustable, so everyone can adjust it as per their needs. As far as the construction is concerned, you’ll be getting the best value for your money as this machine comes with quite a solid steel construction that’s built to last. Also, with the 2-year warranty, you clearly won’t have to stress any machine issues. If something seems a little off about it, you can always get the company to take care of it for 2 straight years.


  • Heavy flywheel for a smooth operation
  • Solid and sturdy construction
  • Perfectly sized pedals


  • No water bottle holder

6- Marcy ME-704 Regenerating Magnetic Elliptical

Looking for an elliptical cross trainer with the best functionality. The Marcy ME-704 is the best elliptical machine under 1000 to fulfil all your workout goals and help you get a fit and slim body. This machine is specifically for those who love having an active lifestyle and are quite motivated to work out every day. With this machine, you can ensure effective training because first of all, it comes with a very solid construction that testifies to its durability and reliability. Its flywheel weighs 18kg which is just perfect for you to enjoy smooth and effective exercise sessions. Spending 15 to 20 minutes on this machine every day will be more than enough for you to start seeing results.

The Marcy ME-704 is designed for all kinds of fitness enthusiasts as it has 24 resistance programs, and each one of them will just help make your workouts more fun. On top of that, there’s this ultra-functional console that provides 23 preset programs and 1 manual program to customize your daily workout routine. Furthermore, its ergonomic handles and pedals allow users to get the best out of this machine and target different muscle groups. In a nutshell, if you are planning to put your money in something that can lead you to better health, then this is just the right trainer to buy right away.


  • 18kg flywheel
  • Ergonomic pedals and handles
  • 24 resistance levels


  • A little heavy

7- ProGear 360 Dual Action Stride Air Walker LS Elliptical

The ProGear 360 Dual Action Stride Air Walker LS Elliptical is one of the most worthy cross trainers you’ll ever encounter. Its features, functionality, smooth operation and overall performance are just up to the mark. In short, for someone with a tight budget looking for the best home elliptical under 1000, this machine is the right option to choose. It comes with a magnetic mechanism that means that the training is extremely quiet. You won’t have to worry about bothering your fellow roommates while working out. This machine comes in a foldable design that makes it best suitable for small apartments where there isn’t much space. After working out, you can easily fold the machine back and use the rest of the room for your other chores.

The ProGear 230 dual-action stride air walker is famous for providing excellent strides that one needs to get in shape. Also, the pedals are just in the right size, so no matter how small or big your feet are, you will always be able to use the trainer without losing balance or slipping. It’s the best budget elliptical trainer with all the functions and features you’d expect within $1000.


  • 26 resistance programs
  • Perfectly sized LCD
  • Smartphone and water bottle holder


  • The handles are a little difficult to workout with

8- Ancheer Elliptical Home Use Machine

The Ancheer elliptical home use machine is our next favourite elliptical trainer that falls under the budget of $1000. This machine is composed of some heavy-duty steel tubes, and it works with a magnetic mechanism which will allow you to have noise-free sessions. The resistance adjustment is very easy as it’s located just next to the flywheel. You can easily set the levels without any hassle. Also, it offers a friction-free linkage system for extra stability, which is exactly what makes this machine worth every penny. By installing the free application, you can always save your workout history and keep a record. What makes it even more interesting is that it shows an accurate heart rate to monitor it all the time.

The footplates are cushioned to bring you comfort, while the pedals are anti-slip. So, there’s nothing to worry about when it comes to losing control or slipping even during rigorous workouts. In addition to this, the Ancheer home use elliptical trainer has dual power motion for you to work on both your upper and lower body all at the same time. We would suggest you get this trainer without giving it a second thought because it will easily help you achieve your fitness goals.


  • Tubular steel construction
  • Easy to control
  • Compact


  • The handle is a little short for short people

9- Horizon Fitness 7.0 Elliptical Cross Trainer

On number 9, we have an even more impressive cross-trainer under $1000. The 7.0 Horizon fitness trainer is a mid-range machine for everyone. The most appealing of all factors here is that this machine comes with a 20-inch stride, making it very easy to use. For a smooth performance, there’s this 23lbs flywheel. The flywheel is heavy enough to support someone even with a weight of 325lbs.

Furthermore, the two main reasons for jotting down this machine here are its 20 incline levels and 24 resistance levels. Yes, you read that, right! It’s exactly what you want to make your exercise routine a little challenging and a bit exciting so that your muscles don’t enter the plateau.

The 7 inch LCD display will show all the essential information you must know. It can even be connected with other apps and devices via Bluetooth. It’s a premium trainer as it comes with Bluetooth speakers where you can listen to your favourite songs. It even has a cooling fan to keep the sweat away while putting your body at work.


  • 20 incline levels
  • Excellent quality
  • Bluetooth connectivity


  • The LCD is a little small in size.

10- ProForm Smart Strider 495 Elliptical

The ProForm Strider will impress you not only with its functionality and features but also with its design. Yes, you read that right! The sleek and modern design will make this machine just the right fit for an apartment and any room. It comes with a wonderful 13lb drive for you to workout on your entire body. If you have joint or ligament issues or are worried if they’ll hurt then invest in this elliptical under 1000 right now as it has an 18-inch stride that won’t put much stress on your joints. For a pain-free and easy exercise routine, you should get the ProForm smart strider 495 right now.

There are 18 preset workout apps that this machine is connected with. You can even download several different iFit workouts. Also, the sensors monitoring your heart rate on the handles are accurate. They’ll give you just the right information about the burnt calories, the distance travelled and the time that you’ve been working out for.


  • Water bottle holder
  • 18 preset workout apps
  • EKG heart rate monitor


  • There’s no power incline

11- Teeter FreeStep Recumbent Elliptical Trainer

This three in one elliptical trainer that acts like a recumbent bike, a cross trainer and an elliptical all at the same time is going to be the best thing you’ll buy this year. It’s a little complicated to use at first, but this machine will shape your body in no time once you get a hold of it. In the first few months, you’ll witness losing fat, and then you’ll see your body getting into shape. It comes with a long-form handlebar from the front to the back of the machine. In other words, when you sit, you can quickly bring the handlebar to your body, and when you bend the arm, the handle will move backwards, and with it, the incline of the leg will come to 8 or 10 degrees.

With this machine, you can bring your upper and lower body in shape. Suppose you are getting this offer even when being on a tight budget. In that case, you shouldn’t be thinking twice before making a final purchase decision.


  • Easy to use
  • Sturdy and comfortable
  • It’s the best cardio machine especially for people with physical disabilities


  • No computer feature

12- AFG Sport 5.9 AE Elliptical

Have you ever felt like flying while exercising? If not then with the AFG Sport 5.9, it’s high time to feel that and witness what a great workout feels like. This machine is our most favorite one among all the others mentioned above. We do have a reasonable explanation for it. It comes with a great quality frame design, and it will even add some aesthetic value to the place you put it in. It comes with a perfect well-balanced mass distribution and a flywheel that weighs 23lb.

With 20 levels of incline and 16 levels of resistance, the AFG elliptical trainer is going to work wonders for you when it comes to giving the best value for your money. It even has two USB charging ports, a smartphone holder and a bottle holder to enjoy working out without any hassle.


  • Quality piece
  • Easy and comfortable to use
  • USB charging ports


  • None

Factors To Consider When Buying An Elliptical Trainer Under $1000


There are different types of designs for an elliptical trainer, and you’ll probably never run short of options in this department. The two most common designs are; foldable and the one with the wheels. The design that you choose solely depends on the type of machine you want and the space you have in your house. If it’s a small apartment and you don’t have much area to put the machine then go for a compact one folded once you are done using it.

Brake, Resistance System & Flywheel

The three main factors that will have a huge impact on your workout are; brakes, resistance options and flywheel. These three factors impact the control, durability, and loudness of the machine as well. Suppose you want to experience a smooth operation. In that case, it’s best to go for a machine that comes with a magnetic brake and resistance mechanism. With it, you will then be able to control the resistance with the press of a button on the console or the handlebars. Also, make sure that the flywheel is heavier than 15 pounds so that your machine makes no noise while striding. It’s important to ask these questions upfront because this information isn’t mentioned on the trainer.


Usually, an elliptical trainer comes with a console with an LCD screen where all the essential information like heart rate, calories and distance etc. is mentioned. But if you are more of an entertainment guy who wants to listen to music or watch shows on his smartphone while working out on the trainer, you should opt for a console that gives you all these features. Also, these things might look ordinary to you, but they really are essential. For example, a cup holder on your trainer can make a huge difference for you as you’ll be able to put your water bottle there while working out. Just look out for the necessary basic features that must be there on the machine. And if you have a reasonable budget, you can even opt for additional, premium features like Bluetooth connectivity etc.

Customizable Options

If you are buying a machine for multiple people to use at home, then you should opt for the one that comes with customizable options. We refer you to an adjustable stride, some pivoting pedals and an adjustable incline when it comes to customizable options. So, each one of your family members can enjoy their workouts and achieve their fitness goals.


It’s vital to consider the warranty of the machine that you are investing your money in. Many brands offer a warranty on their products and then some don’t so you should be careful with your research here. The easiest way to land on a reputable brand that offers a warranty is to go online and dig a little at different brands. Online shopping is way easier than ever before, especially with the concept of online reviews. People nowadays leave reviews for different brands. These reviews can really give you the go-ahead when you are looking for an elliptical machine that comes with a warranty.

Difference Between Commercial Elliptical And Home Elliptical

The primary difference between a commercial and a home elliptical machine lies in its construction and engineering, ensuring reliability and smooth operations under different conditions. The commercial trainers are more robust, more reliable and more durable. They are designed to withstand constant and consistent use in different facilities. On the other hand, home elliptical trainers are built to be used in a home setting. This also explains why home elliptical trainers cost a lot less than the commercial ones. It’s not just the construction, but commercial machines’ tension and speed functions are more flexible. Here, you get more options of features and customization workouts.

It goes without saying that the commercial trainers will cost you more, but they are durable. However, if you want one for your personal use, then why spend more money? Home elliptical trainers will help you just like a commercial trainer would. For results, all you need is a consistent workout routine and a healthy diet. Suppose you have some specific fitness goals to achieve. In that case, you should follow a diet plan, eat healthy meals and work out on an elliptical trainer daily for 15 to 30 minutes. All of the hard work will soon be paid off, and you sure will witness some great results.


Q1: Do ellipticals help lose belly fat?

Yes, an elliptical trainer can help you lose belly fat. But what you need to know about belly fat is that it’s very stubborn and extremely hard to get rid of. So, you’ll have put some extra effort on the trainer if you want things to work out the way you want. Also, to lose belly fat, you must opt for a balanced healthy diet because without it, there won’t be any results and you’ll be working out for nothing.

Q2: Is an elliptical similar to a cross-trainer?

Yes and no, an elliptical is somewhat similar to a cross-trainer. It just all depends on the machine that you are buying. There are moveable arms in a cross trainer, and there’s no adjustable ramp whereas, in an elliptical trainer, the ramps can easily be adjusted. The main difference between the machines is that a cross trainer is quite a difficult machine to use, so it’s for those who know how to maintain a balance and manage a challenging full-body workout. On the other hand, if you are new to these machines, it’s better to start with an elliptical. It’s easier to use, it’s not at all challenging and maintaining your balance on it is way easier than what you have to do with a cross-trainer.

Q3: How long should I be on an elliptical?

When it comes to exercise machines like a treadmill or an elliptical, you shouldn’t use them for too long. Yes, using them every day is completely safe,, but you should be careful about the time limit you spend on them. When it comes to an elliptical, you should set your time to fifteen minutes every day. And in case you want quicker results and feel like spending more time on the trainer, make it 30 minutes. Anything more than that can cause injury and your joints might even start hurting, so keep the time-limited but workout on the trainer 5 times a week for excellent results.

Q4: Can I use the elliptical every day?

Yes, the elliptical machine is completely safe for you to use every day, but you need to make sure that you aren’t getting into a plateau. For this, changing your machine’s resistance every day and opting for different programs on the trainer can come in handy. You just shouldn’t follow the same exercise pattern on the trainer as it will lead to repetitive motion injury. Overall, if you plan to lose weight, an elliptical trainer can sure be useful in that regard.

Q5: Can an elliptical get you in shape?

Yes, an elliptical trainer can help you get in shape as it’s built for both your upper and lower body. But during the first few months of using the machine, you’ll just witness weight loss, and you’ll burn a lot of calories. Especially if you want to lose some fat from your legs and thighs, using an elliptical for 30 minutes daily will work here. After that, you’ll feel like your muscles have started becoming firm and that’s when your body starts getting into shape. If you increase the resistance, your lower body’s muscles like your hamstrings, calves, glutes, and quads will start coming into shape.

Q6: Do ellipticals bulk up your legs?

When you first start using an elliptical trainer, you’ll probably feel like your legs are slimming down, especially your thighs. But after some months there will be a pause in the slimming phase, and the muscles on your legs will start becoming all firm. People usually think that their legs are bulking up, but that’s just their muscles getting stiff. Also, elliptical machines aren’t used to build muscles, in fact, they are popular for burning calories and slimming down your legs and thighs. So if you are looking for something to build your muscles, you should opt for bodyweight exercises as they work wonders in this case.

Overall Verdict

Now that you know about the best 12 ellipticals under 1000, it’s going to be very easy for you to make a final buying decision. Having such excellent exercise equipment in your house, office, or apartment can really make a difference in shifting to a healthy lifestyle. Yes, there are several other exercise machines out there in the market. Still, truth be told, an elliptical trainer is the best of all, and it really does help in weight loss and body shaping.

For someone who wants to lose some fat and tone his body all at the same time, there’s nothing better than an elliptical trainer that we can recommend. This little investment will go a long way for you, and it will change your life. So without waiting any further, do some research, look at the elliptical trainers mentioned above and buy one of them to see how things work for you.

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