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10 Best Elliptical for Small Spaces

When it comes to home exercise equipment, what is the first machine that you think about? For most people, it is an elliptical trainer which makes absolute sense as it’s one of the best and the most effective cardio equipment to date. But before we start talking about these machines and their benefits, you need to realize the importance of exercise.

One of the biggest mistakes people make is that they buy these machines, invest a lot of money on them, but they aren’t ready to invest their time. Obesity is the mother of all diseases. Unfortunately, it’s growing at an unstoppable pace because people nowadays are more into fast-food chains than eating healthy and clean meals.

Unfortunately, people are now more indulged in their jobs than their health, and that’s where all the problem begins. You being here today tells that you are worried about your health and want to start living a healthy life. Even if it means an option for home exercise equipment instead of hitting the gym. It is a significant step and buying an elliptical machine will be worthwhile. But not everyone owns fancy houses with enough space for their gym. If you are worried about space, don’t worry. Why? Keep reading.

Today, we are here to discuss our buying guide of the best elliptical for small spaces. Just because you don’t have enough space doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t exercise.

Buying an Elliptical Trainer for Small Spaces – What To Expect?

If you own a small space or an apartment, you can always opt for an elliptical that’s compact and foldable. It’s easy to find these machines around nowadays because they really do make a difference. Yes, you can easily find the other bigger models but for a smooth, noise free operation, the compact elliptical machines can really come in handy.

The best part is that in these compact trainers, you get all the features and functionalities that you need. The stride length, the pedal size, the programs and the number of resistance levels, it’s all the same that you get in a bigger elliptical machine so yes, this can be a green signal for you to start your journey towards a healthy life.

Now, let’s discuss the benefits of an elliptical machine and why you should be getting one right away.

Reasons You Need an Elliptical Machine Right Now

This low-impact machine can change the course of your life only if you are willing to invest 30 to 40 minutes on it every day, out of your busy routines. Here are some benefits that explain why an elliptical machine is so popular among fitness enthusiasts.

It helps boost your stamina and cardio capacity

Aerobic exercises are famous for helping people enhance their stamina and their cardio capacity. This factor alone is enough to convince anyone to buy an elliptical machine for small spaces. This equipment can strengthen your heart, lungs and other body muscles, precisely what you need for a healthier and better life.

Burning many calories

If you plan to lose weight quickly, investing in an elliptical machine for small spaces is the best thing you’ll ever do. This machine is famous worldwide for helping people burn extra calories more than what they can do with other machines. Especially if you are obese, you should try high-intensity training on the elliptical. Within 20 days, you’ll be able to witness some visible results.

Less stress on joints

When buying exercise machines, most people are concerned about the stress that their joints will have to bear. Well, it’s one crucial thought, and you should not be using something that can hurt your bones and joints. Again, an elliptical trainer proves to be the best choice here as with it; you won’t have to worry about any stress or strain on your joints ever. It is one of the healthiest equipment to keep in your house and use it regularly.

These are just a few reasons that explain why you need to buy an elliptical machine right now. The list just goes on and on, but we thought to bring you the three most important and convincing reasons to make up your mind.

Top 10 Best Elliptical for Small Spaces In 2021

The health and fitness industry are growing because people are becoming conscious of their weight and overall health. With the industry growing, the number of companies manufacturing such equipment is also increasing. For someone looking for the best elliptical machine for a small space, the number of options can be quite overwhelming. However, to put all the hassle to rest, today we are here with 10 of the best elliptical machines that you should consider when making a purchase decision.

Starting with:

1. BH Fitness XS8 Elliptical

Our top pick for the best elliptical machine for small space is the BH Fitness XS8 elliptical machine that’s one of its kind, and it sure is something you will love using. This machine weighs 40 kgs which are perfect as you can quickly move it from one room to another. It has a weight capacity of 120 kgs so you won’t have to worry even if you are obese.

With this machine, you will be able to shed a lot of fat, but with that, you also get to reaffirm your muscles and strengthen your core. Moreover, it comes with a unique and appealing design that will serve you as a motivation to use it every day. The belt operates quite smoothly so whether you plan to walk on it or go for some high-intensity workout session, it will always serve you the best.

It is compact enough to fit any room or any living area. It comes with a very reasonable price that you can easily afford. In a nutshell, it checks all the boxes for being the best elliptical machine in 2021.


  • Smooth operation
  • All parameters are displayed on the LCD screen
  • You can customize your workouts


  • Can’t support the weight of more than 120kgs

2. Marcy Magnetic Elliptical Trainer

The Marcy magnetic elliptical trainer is another great model to consider if you want something worth your money. It’s compact, it is unique in design, and it has the best anti-slip pedals for you to enjoy your workouts without any hassle. Furthermore, it comes with very solid construction and can work for you for more than ten years straight.

If kept clean and maintained, you might never have to face any troubles with it. It’s like an all-in-one workout station where you get to strengthen your entire body. By customizing your workout, you can even target specific muscles, so it’s a win-win for you. With it, you can walk, run and climb stairs using 8 different resistance levels.

In addition to this, it has a battery-powered computer display where all the critical parameters like your heart rate, distance covered, and calories burnt are displayed. The handles are covered with vinyl. The pedals are large enough for you to use without worrying about slipping or falling. As far as its weight capacity is concerned, it can handle anything near 150kgs. On top of that, the ergonomic handles will help you work on your upper body and your lower body simultaneously.


  • Magnetic smooth operation
  • Solid and durable construction
  • Can handle the weight of 150 kgs


  • A little heavy to transport

3. Schwinn Compact Elliptical Machine

Schwinn elliptical machines are world-famous for their durability, functionality, and design. Still, this model of the Schwinn compact elliptical machine is specifically for home use, and it is one of a kind. It’s the best elliptical for a small apartment, so if you are short on space yet want to focus on your health, then you definitely should give this model a try.

The best part about this trainer is that it’s muted so there will not be any noise you’ll hear. You can easily workout without worrying about disturbing your other roommates. It’s a 118 cm long, 157 cm high, 60 cm wide model and these dimensions are just the perfect that you should be getting for your small space. As far as the weight capacity is concerned, it’s 150kg so even if you are obese, you can still easily use the machine.

The non-slip pedals with the right size can fit just any foot, and the machine itself weighs only 37 kg so you can carry it from one place to another without any hassle. In addition to this, there is the 8-step resistance that allows users to challenge themselves to intense workouts every day. In a nutshell, it’s one great model that you must consider buying to get the best value for your money.


  • Magnetic belt operation
  • 8 step resistance
  • Soft handlebar grips


  • The LCD is a little small in size

4. Sunny Health & Fitness Magnetic Elliptical Trainer

The Sunny Health & Fitness magnetic elliptical trainer is ideal for home use. The best part about it is that you can work on your body’s different muscle tissues with this machine. Especially when it comes to the price, you’ll be more than impressed with what you’ll be getting without having to spend a lot of money. There’s an impressive device holder on the side so that you can carry your smart devices with you while working out and there’s even a bottle holder to keep water near you. The LCD is quite impressive; it’s large enough for you to see the different parameters easily.

Furthermore, the heart rate accuracy is top-notch, including all such other parameters. The belt-driven mechanism and the internal flywheel will help you enjoy a smooth operation on this elliptical trainer, and it will serve you in the best possible way. It has a weight capacity of 330lbs and 24 unique workout modes to challenge yourself and work out your body more efficiently and effectively. For someone looking forward to getting the best value for his money, this elliptical trainer can work wonders!


  • Solid construction
  • Weight capacity of 330lbs
  • Smooth and quiet operation


  • Has no wheels for transportation

5. Sunny Health & Fitness Magnetic Under Desk Elliptical Machine

The Sunny Health & Fitness magnetic under desk elliptical machine has to be one of our favourite machines because it’s quite innovative. You see, people nowadays spend most of their days on their office desk and it makes sense as they have much work to cover. But that does not mean that you should skip workouts, right? What about people with jobs and long work hours?

They have a right to work on themselves and take care of their health. The Sunny Health & Fitness group came up with the idea of an under-desk elliptical machine. It’s a specially designed trainer that allows users to work out on their lower body without worrying about their joints’ stress or strain. This 20kg flywheel will enable you to workout on every part of your body while you are working.

In our defence, this machine is worth your money and buying it will probably be a great decision. It won’t take up much space in your home or office as you are supposed to use it under the desk.


  • 20kg flywheel
  • Digital monitor to track time, heart rate and calories
  • Offers 8 levels of resistance


  • Can’t help you with your upper body like arms and shoulders etc

6. Precor EFX 576i Premium Commercial Series Elliptical

Looking for a reasonably low priced elliptical machine? You must consider buying the Precor EFX 576i Premium Commercial Series Elliptical as it comes with top-notch quality, the best construction and it’s quite durable. Hence, buying this means that you’ll be spending your money on something worthy. With this machine, you can lose weight and keep yourself fit all at the same time.

This commercial trainer comes with a functional computer where there are 19 different workout programs to choose from. You can also customize those programs as per your needs and requirements, so yes, it’s going to be worth it. The ramp incline in this machine is between 15 to 40 degrees, and when it comes to the stride length, well, it is 21.2 to 24.7 inches.

There are 20 levels of resistance and 14 preset programs for you to get the most out of the machine. The maximum user weight capacity is 350 pounds which is ideal for users. In simpler words, this machine has all the features and functions that you would want so without waiting any further or without giving it another thought. You should buy this one as it’s the best low-priced elliptical machine that offers excellent performance.


  • 20 levels of resistance
  • Great incline options
  • Best handle grip


  • The machine itself is a little heavy.

7. NordicTrack SpaceSaver SE9i Elliptical

NordicTrack has always been one of the best brands when it comes to manufacturing quality elliptical machines. Well, this model is explicitly going to be your best buy as it has all the features you want to use even when you have a small apartment. The best part about this machine is that it comes with an induction braking system. Due to it, the resistance changes are more accurate.

If you are a demanding user who wants the best elliptical trainer for small space, then the se9i is going to be the best model that you’ll ever get your hands on. With it, you get a 1-year iFit family membership and can include 5 different user profiles on it. There are 24 resistance levels offered by this machine. The flywheel is exactly as heavy as it should be for you to enjoy smooth and noise-free operation.

The extensive display is where all the essential parameters like your distance, calories, and heart rate will be displayed. You can keep it all monitored without any hassle. It’s a reasonably priced, compact elliptical trainer that will help you work out your body in the most efficient way. Using it regularly will help you achieve your fitness goals in no time.


  • Heavy flywheel
  • 24 resistance levels
  • Solid and sturdy construction


The arms don’t have a good grip to hold onto

8. Bowflex Max Trainer M3

Are you looking for a professional elliptical trainer for your small space? The Bowflex Max Trainer M3 will be the best buy for you this year as it’s perfect in all ways. The magnetic brake system will guarantee that you enjoy a long life service of equipment and the construction is super durable. Hence, buying this model means that you’ll be investing your money in something worth it.

When it comes to weight capacity, this machine can hold a user even of 150kgs, which is more than enough. The pedals are perfect in size, and they come with a non-slip finish so that you don’t ever fall and injure yourself. There are two pairs of handles, one is fixed, and the other pair is moveable for you to work on your upper and lower body all at the same time.

Furthermore, there’s a bottle holder, wheels for transportation and a holder for your smart devices. The Bowflex Max Trainer m3 is the choice of all the fitness enthusiasts who want to use an elliptical trainer in their house. So if you’re going to be considered one, you first need to consider buying this model.


  • Magnetic braking system
  • Bottle and smartphone holder
  • Two pairs of handles (moveable and fixed)


  • None

9. Nautilus E616 Elliptical Trainer

The Nautilus E616 elliptical trainer is our favorite model. It’s justified because the E616 will be the perfect fit for you if you want the best elliptical machine for small space. It has a unique design, the body is sleek yet very durable, and the quality is just excellent. Once you look at the machine, you’ll feel that yes, it’s a one quality product that will work for you for years.

It’s the best magnetic elliptical cross trainer to train at home with. The device comes equipped with speakers connected via Bluetooth and can play your favourite songs while working out. Also, there’s a special USB port where you can charge your devices without worrying about pausing your favourite show due to low battery. With it, there’s an accessory pad and bottle and smartphone holder.

The display size is ideal for you to see your heart rate and calories etc. There are 29 preset workout programs and 20-inch stride length, which is optimum for smooth and efficient workouts.


  • 29 preset programs
  • Solid and durable construction with a unique design
  • Ideal display size with additional features


  • The machine is a little heavy.

10. Horizon Fitness Evolve 5 Elliptical

Finally, we have the Horizon Fitness Evolve 5 elliptical trainer among our list of the top 10 best elliptical for small spaces. With it, you can enjoy a natural movement, and you probably won’t even feel like you are working out on a machine with some automatic functions and features. On the other hand, this machine comes in a foldable design, making it an even better option if you have a very small space to fit the equipment.

You can fold it and save space every time you are done using it. This machine is easy to assemble in just 3 steps. Especially if you are tall, you’ll enjoy working out on the Horizon Fitness Evolve 5 Elliptical. It has a good stride length that will make you feel like you are leaping. The handles come with a great grip, and on the sides, there are sensors to monitor your heart rate. The innovative cardio compass display is another reason you should invest your money on this elliptical trainer.


  • Natural movement
  • Ideal stride length
  • Easy to assemble


  • No bottle holder

What To Look For In A Compact Elliptical Machine?

Even if you are looking for a cheap elliptical machine for small space, you still would want to get something that brings you value for your money, right? If yes, then there are certain factors that you should consider at any cost. Why? Because without those factors, you won’t be able to make the most out of your elliptical trainer.

Smooth operation

The first thing to consider is an elliptical machine for small spaces because it should have a smooth operation. You don’t want to be working out in your apartment, making all that noise and disturbing other people living with you. For this, your trainer needs to have a magnetic mechanism. The flywheel should be heavy because with these both factors included, there won’t be any noise and you’ll be able to enjoy a smoothly operating machine without any hassle.

Pedal Size And Texture

The second important consideration to keep in mind is about the pedals. They should be large enough to fit your feet properly even if they are too big and secondly, they should have an anti-slip texture so that you don’t fall and get yourself injured. Nowadays, most elliptical trainers have both these features, but you should still look out and make sure that the model you are buying has the best pedals that you need.

Adjustable Incline

Elliptical trainers are supposed to offer you challenging workouts so that you don’t get bored. For this, your machine should have an adjustable incline. You can change the incline settings every day and make your exercise sessions more fun. Also, the higher the incline, the faster you’ll lose weight, so do keep that in mind while working out on the elliptical trainer.

Adjustable resistance

All the suitable units come with an adjustable resistance option that is very important to consider when buying an elliptical machine. With this feature, you will achieve all your goals of interval training without any hassle.


Lastly, it’s always better to buy a trainer with a large enough display where all the parameters are clear and visible. You need to track your performance and make sure that your heart rate is normal. For this reason, the display becomes very important.

Other Features

To make the most out of your elliptical machine, you need something that comes with extra exciting features like speakers or some USB port to charge our devices while you enjoy playing your movies and shows on your smartphone. These features can motivate you to work out daily. They can help you enjoy the entire process of improving your health and losing weight.


Question 1: Front Drive or Rear Drive – Which One is Better For Me?

It’s one of the best questions because it does have a considerable impact on the kind of training you are opting for. Rear-drive is always a better option because the operation here is relatively smooth as the drive axle is located on the machine’s backside. But rear drive will be a little more expensive so even if you go for a front-drive elliptical, it won’t be that bad of an option. The front-drive ones have a little rough feel to them, but they are quite affordable.

Question 2: Is Stride Length that Important?

Yes, the stride length is very important as it determines the kind of workout you’ll be experiencing. For example, if you are tall, you would want a machine that comes with a more considerable stride length as it will make you feel like you are leaping. On the other hand, shorter strides will make you feel like you are climbing the machine. An adjustable stride feature is better to consider when buying the trainer as you’ll choose the setting you want.

Question 3: Is the Machine With the Heavier Flywheel a Good Option?

The more the flywheel’s weight is, the smoother your workouts will be so yes, opting for the heavier flywheel is something you shouldn’t miss. You see what happens because heavy flywheels produce higher inertia, which makes the workouts smooth.

Question 4: My Elliptical Squeaks A Lot When I Use It, What To Do?

This is quite a common issue, and yes, it’s something that can affect your workouts, so getting it fixed is essential. If the elliptical squeaks, it’s probably because of the assembly issue of your machine. All you have to do here is to check if all the screws are tight and if not, you can tighten them up with a screw. But make sure not to make them too tight or else it will lead to wear and tear.

Question 5: What Happens When I Keep the Resistance Same Every Day?

There is nothing wrong with keeping the resistance the same every day. Still, if you want more challenging and exciting workouts, you should consider changing the resistance every day. This way, your body won’t enter plateau, and you’ll start witnessing quicker results when it comes to losing weight.

Overall Verdict

This is all that you should know when buying the best elliptical for small spaces. There’s not much to worry about, and after reading the entire guide, we hope it’s easier for you to make a decision. But what matters the most is that after buying the trainer, you need to workout regularly or at least 5 times a week. The issue is that people do buy the equipment they need, but then they start skipping days.

Eventually, there comes a time when they stop using the trainer. It’s high time you consider your health and invest your money in something that helps you with your health. Now without wasting any more time, just consider the elliptical trainers mentioned above and see how things start working out for you. These trainers discussed above are one of a kind and our top picks so you definitely should consider buying them as they check all the boxes of features and functionalities when it comes to the best elliptical machine.

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